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Adopt - a- granny

Adopt-a-granny is all about caring for our Elders that does not have any family left, or do not receive support from families, due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Getting older, means more expenses and those receiving SASSA just cannot afford to buy all the necessary goods they need. Nappies, toiletries and medication are the most important products for our Elders. 

Adopt-a-granny means one can adopt an Elder, you can come and visit and spend time with them, support them financially by depositing money into the Adopt-a-granny account or support them by buying the products they need. You can also take them out for a milkshake or just a joyride through town.

And you are welcome to get involved in their every need - what a great way to give back some time and effort to your Elderly community. 

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