Residents' Committee

We have a residents' committee who's main function is to give our elderly a mouthpiece through which they can speak their minds about things that bother them in the house and problems can be solved and resolved. A residents committee is a requirement of the Law (the Older Person’s Act, Act 13 of 2006). This committee is chosen every two years and the elderly and volunteers choose the committee members themselves.


This committee gathers once a month to discuss any problems which arose during the month and there is also a suggestions/complaints box at the reception where letters/complaints can be left for this committee to deal with. Social Development and the government require us to have this community, as this falls under the rights of the elderl

John Dixon (Chairperson)

Edgar Henneberry (Deputy Chairperson)

Connie Muter (Secretary)

Heike Grobbelaar (Member)

Corrie FOurie (Member)

Jan Hamilton (Ex Officio)

Bennie Opperman (Community Member)

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