Frail Care Unit

The Blind Dog Association of SA paid us a visit and the frail elderly lit up when the dogs visited them in their rooms.
When moving to Emmanuel the elderly are encouraged to make their rooms as homely as possible through their own bedding, photographs, painting, etc.
The hallways in the frail care are painted in different colours to create a less hospital-like atmosphere and a more homey atmosphere for the elderly. The bathroom corridors are painted a certain shade of green, because according to research that is the last colour the brain forgets. Bible verses decorate the walls throughout the frail care.

At Emmanuel we take pride in the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of our residents. The programs that we run are sensitive to the age and frailty of our residents.


A 24-hour frail care section provides the frail aged with continuous medical and physical care. A registered nurse is always on duty during the day and on-call at night time. Assisted living facilities are available. Three meals a day seven days a week are provided. We cater for the needs of the elderly providing at least two vegetables, one protein and one carbohydrate portion to the lunch that they receive. Fruit are given at least twice a week or more when possible. In addition to the 3 meals the frail elderly in the frail care section receives tea or Milo 3 times a day as well.


The bathrooms in the frail section are well-lit, well-ventilated and wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Toilets with handrails has been installed in all our frail rooms. Handrails at the toilets and baths are also installed. Showers are wide enough with non-slip floors in the showers. Aid devices like bath chairs and lifted toilet seats are provided when necessary. The corridors are also wide and equipped with handrails.


Residents living in the assisted living facilities are moved to the frail care section when they need continuous care. It often happens that the frail care section is full and that we have to render nursing care services to the assisted living section. We are continuously striving to improve the services to make it more comfortable and safe for the older persons. It often happens that a frail resident, with our good care, returns to good health.


Our aim is to improve the older persons’ general health and where possible make it possible for them to leave the frail care to live independently again. Many of our residents are too frail to return to good health but we do try to encourage feelings of hope for the future. Emmanuel is many older persons last home and we want to make it as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

Security cameras has been installed in all our frail rooms, halls and nursing station. Only the Matron has access to this  footage. These footage are secured. 

"For the LORD shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken." - Proverbs 3:26