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Without the Lord's provision Emmanuel wouldn't be what it is today. We are thankful for the people that the Lord sends our way to provide for us in various things, from finances to fruit and vegetables, flowers, etc. We are also thankful for the Lord's protection - looking at the times we live in, Emmanuel is a safe haven for our elderly.


We encourage the elderly to still stay active and partake in the activities arranged, as well as helping the staff to cut the vegetables or to dry the dishes in the kitchen - this also makes them feel valuable. Some of the elderly also assist in the frail care unit to comb the hair of the other residents or to serve porridge and tea. 


Quarterly information sessions are held where important information is shared and prizes are given to the most active elderly based on the statistics as reported on monthly for Social Development.


There are no restrictions to the activities that the residents want to partake in, as long as they are safe and it doesn't put the safety of the other residents in jeopardy. The residents are free to live according to their choices (subject to our house rules) and they are encouraged to stay independant for as long as possible.


We encourage all of our residents to apply their skills, practise their hobbies and also learn new skills, like beadwork, card-making, etc.


The family of the elderly are encouraged to stay involved in the residents' lives and we have a free visiting policy. There are numerous visiting areas in the home where family and friends of the residents are welcome to spend time together. The staff and volunteers of Emmanuel are available 7 days a week for any concerns that the family or friends of the elderly may have.


Emmanuel has a very efficient intercom system which is used in the morning to greet everyone and start the day with a scripture reading and prayer. The menu for the day is also announced, as well as birthdays if there are any. Further announcements are made throughout the day reminding them of mealtimes and any other activities.


The residents' families are informed by telephone of any changes or concerns regarding their parents. We encourage open communication between the families, residents and staff.


We have a residents committee where the elderly can voice their concerns and participate in decision-making.


Emmanuel respects and upholds the constitution of our country. Emmanuel upholds the different laws which apply to the management of the home and which apply to working and dealing with elderly people.


The elderlies' rights are displayed on posters throughout the home. We endeavour to do information sharing on their rights to the resident more regularly. Training on the prevention and detection of abuse are done once a quarte and an abuse register is in place.


Security cameras has been installed throughout frail care and in the rooms, to ensure that no abuse is taking place and for peace of mind . 

We ensure a safe environment for our residents with a brick wall with electric fencing and 24 hour access control. We believe in good maintenance of the building to ensure the safety of our residents. Emergency lighting and a generator is in place in case of a power failure. A health and safety committee is in place that looks after the general safety for the residents and staff. Evacuation drills are done regularly.

We've adopted the Eden Alternative here at Emmanuel and are constantly looking at ways to make this more homey and comfortable for the elderly. Up to date we've painted the walls in the frail care in different colors and added Bible verses onto the walls, all the frail elderly have individual care plans and in the frail care everyone has their own door poster. Around the house benches have been placed so that the elderly can walk and enjoy the gardens and when they are tired, sit down and rest a bit. 

A big flatscreen TV with DSTV, has been donated by Cranefield College and the elderly love to watch nature programs and other educational programs.

We are also preparing a whatsapp communication system to make communication to the families of our Elders easy and fast. 

Check out a video of Emmanuel at the following link: 

Jan and Christa Hamilton,
current managers (from 1 March 2018)
Bertus and Suzanne Booysen, managers of Emmanuel
from 2010 - 2018.
Theunie & Ann Eysele, the founders and first managers of Emmanuel.

"O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever. " - 1 Cron. 16:34